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The 3rd Industrial Revolution

The 3rd Industrial Revolution


What is the 3rd industrial revolution? 
Concept of the 3rd Industrial Revolution 
The 3rd Industrial Revolution is also known as the Digital Revolution or 3.0. This revolution refers to the development of technology, from the simple electronic and mechanical devices to modern digital technology. The 3rd Industrial Revolution officially kicked off from 1950 to the late 1970s. It can be said that this is the beginning of the Information Age. 
The computer system and digital record keeping that emerged in Revolution 3.0 are still in place today. The changes brought about by computer technology and digital communication have strongly affected people's lives in many ways. This revolution focuses on the production and application of derived technologies, digital logic, ICs (integrated circuit chips), MOSFETs, etc. Some of the technological solutions that we are using have also formed. from the 3rd industrial revolution such as: Internet, computers, microprocessors, digital mobile phones, etc. 
When did the 3rd Industrial Revolution appear? 
The 3rd Industrial Revolution was initiated by the birth and influence of information technology, production automation, and electronics. 
In addition to the names mentioned above, the 3rd Industrial Revolution is also known as the Computer Revolution or the Digital Revolution. In addition, saving resources and social resources is also the main driving force to start the formation of the 3rd Industrial Revolution. During this period, production costs are significantly reduced. This brings practical values to the agro-forestry-fishery, construction, service and industrial sectors. 
Besides, with the development of Hydro technology and the Internet, the ability to store, share and disperse energy is more widespread. This is considered the first step for the journey of green energy reform. 
Progress of the 3rd Industrial Revolution 
Period 1947 - 1979 
In 1947, the transistor was born, marking the development of the modern digital computer. By 1950, 1960, military and government organizations began to use computer systems. With the popularity and continuous development, the global network of the World Wide Web was officially formed. 
During this decade, computers have become a common and familiar tool. They are used as an indispensable means for many different jobs. At this stage, the first mobile phone was also launched. 
The period 1990 - 1992 
At this time, the Internet is widely used in business activities. The internet became an integral part of the daily lives of half of the American population in the late 1990s. 
Year 2000 
The 3rd Industrial Revolution became a big wave, spreading to developing countries. The Internet is more and more popular, the number of people using mobile phones is increasing. Besides, television also began to switch to using digital signals. 
From 2010 to present 
By this stage, communication by mobile has become more popular, the Internet is also used by more than 25% of the world's population. Users use phones more and more and become the standard trend in communication. 2015 is promising for tablet computing and cloud computing. This enables users to use business vehicles and applications on their own mobile devices. 
Achievements of the 3rd Industrial Revolution 
The “Age of Giants” was born in 1974 and has flourished to this day. The value that the Internet brings to humanity cannot be denied. According to Wikipedia, there are nearly 3 billion people in the world using the Internet (46.64%) in 2017. Phrases like "netizen" or "online community" are becoming more familiar. This is a testament to the popularity of the Internet. 
SMAC stands for the phrases: Social Media (Social Network), Mobile (Mobile Technology), Analytics (Analytical Technology), Cloud (Cloud Computing). 
Social Media: Is a new form of connection, helping users connect and communicate with followers based on a certain platform. Mobile: As a modern means of human communication, creating a communication method, Shop and work new.Analytics: Analytics technology helps businesses understand the shopping behavior of customers. Through data, businesses can extract useful information about consumers. This is an effective solution to help businesses make the right and appropriate marketing decisions. Cloud: Cloud computing has created a new development in the storage process. This solution makes accessing technology and data more efficient. At the same time, Cloud reduces the budget burden for businesses, increases the speed of response to changes in the market and also handles internal problems. 
Big Data 
Big Data (big data) is an abundant source of "minerals" in the field of communication and marketing. These are huge and extremely complex data sets. Big Data surpasses

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